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Monday, June 24, 2019

Gardening for Butterflies - Monarch Garden Adventures and Learnings

Our coldest part of the year is fast approaching here in New Zealand, but happy first week of summer to our northern friends and readers!  The lovely little guy in the photo above was the last (to my knowledge) monarch butterfly to hatch in our garden for the year in late autumn. It was a rather damp and chilly arrival in the world, so I offered him a lift from the shelter where he had emerged into the sunshine for warm up before flying away. A special farewell indeed. :)  If you're experimenting with monarch-friendly gardening or thinking about giving it a try, check out the posts below for the special monarch mini-series that was shared here on the blog over our most recent monarch season:

Creating a Butterfly-Friendly Garden for Monarchs

Encouraging Monarchs to Lay Eggs in the Garden

Hosting (and Helping) Monarch Caterpillars

Housekeeping for Monarch Caterpillars

Moving and Relocating Monarch Caterpillars

Protecting Caterpillars from Pests and Predators

Transforming from Caterpillar to Chrysalis

Transforming from Chrysalis to Butterfly

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