Monday, May 28, 2018

Moving Time! Relocation Blogging Break

We're getting ready to relocate and the blog will be on pause for the coming few weeks while things are prepped, packed, transported, and reorganised/connected. We will be doing some background work here on the blog as access/time allows and checking in on our social media, so we will still be in touch during the move.

We will also be working on upcoming post prep and content planning during the blog posting break, so if you have special requests or post suggestions send us a message or drop us a comment.

On the subject of suggestions, if you have tips for starting a new garden (blank slate new build from scratch!) I would be ever so grateful for your suggestions and any links you would like to share in the comments. You can also post on our Facebook page and/or tag us into your Instagram post comments if you'd prefer. I already have a full site landscaping plan, but am working through my detailed planning on the potager as well as bed prep, planting sequencing, and lots of little details still TBD. I have a pee patch prevention plot in mind as well to try and save our not-yet-grass from dogs as well. Can't wait to share it all!

Although we will be online through the moving process, when possible, if you are emailing, messaging, or tagging us there may be occasional delays in our reply due to schedule issues and /or connectivity.  Apologies in advance!

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