Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Here & Now

It's time for our May Here & Now post as part of the monthly link-up hosted by Sarah of Say! Little Hen. You can find this month's participants and their links via the May Here & Now. Come explore, or join in the link-up if you wish.  I am currently:

Loving // Being snuggled up warm and cosy with nighttime rain tapping away on the metal roof.  It's such a relaxing sound, isn't it?  The weather has been rather wicked here of late, and particularly stormy in the nights.  I love it when sleeping, but not so much when walking the dogs or trying to keep on top of the autumn chores.

Eating // The very last of the summer veggies as the final hot peppers are taken out of the beds.  The autumn veggies are growing well, but not quite ready yet...although Humphrey the carrot monster did get the first  little rainbow carrot of the season (accidentally pulled while removing windblown leaves) and declared it doggone delicious. 

Drinking //  A great big bowl latte at the moment to kick-start (another) dark, dreary rainy day. 

Feeling // On the cusp of being excited.  Moving day approaches, but I don't want to let myself get excited yet lest there be delays with the build or with our current house sale that mean the move is delayed or we hold down two forts for a while. I'd rather delay excitement than have to temper it back into place for a while.

Making // Very little these days. Most of my craft supplies and tools are packed for moving and the days are busy, but I'm feeling the need to do some making. Hmmm.

Thinking // About what I should try and do first in the new garden.  When we move (far too often it seems) I normally like to wait a while and see the existing garden for a while to decide what works and what doesn't before doing major projects, but this will be a blank slate and winter is the prime time for any large dormant planting. Decisions decisions... 

Dreaming // Of finally feeling settled. Someday, somewhere! Perhaps.

Since we last caught up in the April Here & Now, fall has moved quickly from early colours to the last lingering leaves. I can't seem to keep up with the raking in the garden these days, much to the join and delight of the dogs.  It's a dog win-win: either they get leaf piles to play in or fallen leaves for maximum "poopy trap" camouflage.  Sometimes I'm sure they are purposefully trying to prank my poo patrol efforts. Autumn is a dangerous time of year indeed. Haha!  Last month's catch-up was just before Oli's 12th barkday and I did indeed make that doggy cake along with a whole lot more treats. :) You can see it all here.

Curious to see more?  Let's stay in touch! You can follow along here at Green in Real Life (links on the sidebar) for my urban garden adventures with a sprinkle of everyday greener living, drop by Creativity Unmasked for my creative and crafty side, or head to the dogs at Dalmatian DIY for homemade treats, toys, and other pet posts.  


  1. Look at those glorious Autumn colours ... so beautiful! Aren't dogs funny creatures, our Sir Steve loves a trundle through grass and leaves too. How exciting to have a blank slate garden to begin with. I'd find it hard to contain myself too! Meg ☺

    1. Thanks, Meg! :) The colours do help to take the edge off the dreary weather, don't they? All those wet fallen leaves and muddy autumn puddles must smell fantastic from a dog's perspective. Pats from us to Sir Steve!

  2. I agree, nothing quite like the sound of rain on a metal roof. Good luck with the move (and the stealth poop mines!).

    1. Thanks, Laura! Doggy do duty is risky business! Hehe. :)

  3. So many pretty autumn colours in your post, Laura!
    I know what you mean about wanting to feel settled. Moving is no fun, it it? I've moved house 4 times in the past 10 years - I'd like to just stay put for a while!
    Thanks for joining in again,
    Sarah x

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I definitely know how you feel with moving. The animals aren't enthused either at the signs of another impending shift in their worlds. Poor Tiger has already moved through 10 homes and 3 countries in his going on 15 years with me. Not too shabby for a scraggly little rescue kitten turned grumpy old international moagie of mystery! I'm cautiously hopeful that we'll settle for a t least a little while in the new house, but you never know. Rolling stones...

  4. Autumn colors are my favorite! Wishing you all the best with the move! It has been raining here for a week and I don't much like walking the dogs in it either. I do love when it lulls me to sleep. Oh the possibilities of a new garden!

    1. Thanks so much! :)

      It's still soggy and stormy here, just getting a little cooler by the day - shivers for windy wet almost winter dog walking!


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