Monday, March 5, 2018

Getting Organised: Free Seed Keeping Label Templates for Recording on Packets

In last week's post on Seed Packaging, Storage, and Labelling I promised follow-on freebie this week for recording information on seed packets. There are four free seed keeping information templates to help with different types of labelling for different packets, including full labels for gathered seeds and supplemental labels for pre-packaged and purchased seeds. These are very simple freebies, but I have to confess that they're already shaping up to be one of the most useful additions to my garden planning and organisation tool kit. I wish I'd started using them sooner! 

Whatever method you choose for storing seeds, labelling is key to keeping things as user-friendly as possible. As I mentioned in my tips for maintaining a garden journal, hate double recording, so I will never be the type of person who records seed information in my garden journal.  I like to keep detailed seed info on the packet, where I can see it while sorting through seeds or out in the garden doing my planting.  If you are gathering and saving seeds you will need to create your own labels, and you may also want/need to label or relabel swapped or shared seed. Some purchased seeds have detailed planting information you need on the packet, but some of my favourite suppliers use generic packets where only the name, sowing season, and best before details are on the packet.  I like to have more specific information at hand, so I've been scribbling this onto whatever free space I can find on packets post-purchase, but that's been less than ideal as blank space is limited and I often accidentally cut/tear some of my notes away during use. Bummer.  To solve my seed-keeping problems, I've created a simple peel-and-stick label template that I can pop onto seed packets, bought or otherwise. 

When formatting my freebies for sharing, I ran into a dilemma. I had planned to share ready-to-print freebies and the easiest way to use these templates is on printable self-adhesive labels; however, formats vary significantly and we have readers all around the globe. Formats also change with time. I have a number of different self-adhesive labels in my stationary stash, and discovered that these have already been superseded by new formats with slightly different peel-and-stick dimensions. So what to do?  I switched plans to provide these freebies as single label jpeg templates instead.  They are versatile rectangular designss than can be inserted into a wide variety of rectangular label templates. The design and layout are intentionally forgiving for variations in width-to-height ratio with the option of using more/less white space to pad the end so that you can make the design fit your rectangle.

The printables are free for your personal use as a little present from us to you.  It's absolutely not required, but it would be awesome and greatly appreciated if you followed the blog and/or joined us social media, if you're not already following the fun.  We welcome social media shares and linking with love, but please link to this post, not the download direct. Thanks! :)

Access and Download the JPEG Seed Keeping Label Templates:
 Blue (Supplemental) - Horizontal or Vertical  |  Green (Full) - Horizontal or Vertical

Note: These images have been uploaded for sharing via Dropbox as high resolution JPEG files. Simply click the link above to view and download. You can use these jpegs to create your own labels in whatever format you wish, but they were designed to suit rectangular self-adhesive printable labels. Templates are usually available from the website of your label supplier that allow you to fill the label boxes with an inserted image. If you are having trouble getting the resizing and/or alignment to your liking, check the positioning and/or text wrapping settings - they're frequent culprits in Word-based label templates.  

The label templates have two different data sets - the green labels are for recording a full set of packet information (including plant name, variety, etc. along with planting information) and the blue labels are for adding supplemental information to an existing packets (includes purchase and planting information). If you also use a seed index or like to keep garden journal notes with a reference number, the circles provide a convenient place for adding your reference numbering.  Each is available as a vertical or horizontal layout so you can choose whatever best suits your preferences and packets. You do not need to use all of the prompts/blanks - just whatever suits your style of record keeping. Easy peasy!

Note: The print-out labels that you see me using in these pictures are old-style AU/NZ Avery DL33 (33 labels to an A4 Sheet) which has been since superseded by their newer slightly different 33 formats. I imagine that the new formats would be similar, but these oldies are perfect for fitting width-wise over non-essential info on standard seed packets, although you need to small if you want to record lots of detail. You can definitely use a larger label if you'd like - I test fitted an old Avery DL16 and it works nicely vertically. Small works great for me on my pre-packaged seeds, and I'll be keeping a sheet ready on hand for all my new seeds going forward. 


  1. Great idea for organizing. Thank you for the templates!


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