Monday, December 18, 2017

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Joyous New Year!

This will be our final post before Christmas holidays and we'll be on a blogging break until January, so we wish you all a very Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and we hope that the new year brings health, happiness, and prosperity to you and yours.  We'll be online periodically through the holiday break, including some background blog maintenance (apologies if anything get's a little wonky looking while under construction)  and popping in on our social media.  Posting will resume from mid January.

If you're looking for a few green(er) holiday tips, check out our Merry (Green) Christmas and a Happy New Year! post for doable ideas big and small.  If you're scurrying to wrap up your last minute shopping (yes, me too...) and have a gardener on your nice list, check out our post on Christmas Gift Ideas for Gardeners and Garden Lovers.  

We also shared some ideas for gifting plants in recent posts, and here's one more to wrap up (literally) our holiday posts. If fancy pots aren't on the list and you want to pretty up your plant pressies or create a living centrepiece for yourself, it's a snap to pretty things up with a temporary festive wrap.  Depending on the size of your plants and your budget, you can choose between ready-made giftboxes, giftbags, or DIY your own.  I went with a DIY, with a simple reused cardboard box, wrapping paper, a few scraps of ribbon, and a ready made bow.  You'll also need scissors, tape, and if you're using perforated bottom pot plants, I also recommend using/reusing some impermeable containers or bags as liners to avoid water leakage from the bottom of your pots which can spoil you box and damage surfaces underneath. You'll see one of the homemade snowmen plant gift label/markers making a cameo appearance in there as well. :)  Tip: Avoid glitter or foil wrapping paper to keep it recyclable, if your local rules allow.  

Cut the wrapping paper to a suitable side to wrap the sides of the box (bottom optional) with extra length at the top. Once wrapped, cut the corners slightly so that you can easily fold the extra paper at the top over the edge and secure inside to cover the upper lip. Trim with ribbons and/or bows if/as you wish. Easy peasy!  Place your pots into their protective liner(s) and position them inside the box for display or gifting.  Tip: If you are using or gifting outdoor plants for temporary indoor holiday display before being transplanted or re-potted outdoors in the garden, try to pick plants that can handle indoor conditions for a short period of time.  Some are not fond of the lighting or temperature/humidity they may have to endure inside.  I used gerberas in my centrepiece because they're an inexpensive nursery plant in a festive mix of red, yellow, and green that can handle spending the holidays indoors and will happily move outside.

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