Monday, February 13, 2017

Here & Now

Hello again, blog friends and lovely readers!  It's time again for our Here & Now post as part of the monthly link-up hosted by Sarah of Say! Little Hen. You can find all of this month's links in the February Here & Now at Say! Little Hen to explore what's happening in everyone's Here & Now - please join us if you wish!  I am currently:

Loving // The sound of two very tired happy dogs and one very cosy cat all snoring (yes, snoring...) behind me while I type.
Eating //  The very first ripened tomatoes of the season from the veggie patch. Yum!
Drinking //  Nothing at the moment, but I think that soon it shall be wine o'clock after a long and busy day.
Feeling // A little excited but also a little wistful as it seems we will be moving again late this year.
Making // Easter toys and prepping posts for the dog blog.  The dogs never seem to mind being a little ahead of the holidays. ;)
Thinking // That this may the the first and only harvest from my wee little fruit trees. Hopeful the new owners will enjoy many!
Dreaming //  Of the future and what it might bring.

Since last month's Here & Now, the will we / won't we of moving yet again has been agreed, but we won't be heading for a new country this time around, just a new town and a new home. No details or dates yet, but nothing imminent.  Our weather is still cool and wet, but things are maturing slowly.  After last week's Hitchcock-esque bird attach on my nectarines (so sad!) the veggie garden and trees are now an ugly but practical jumble of bird netting. I've been looking at the other Here & Nw posts and am ridiculously jealous of Julie's tomatoes (again!), Pip's bowl of gifted eggplant, and everyone's lovely flowers.  Admittedly, I do have plenty of waterlogged wind battered but still lovely flowers. Ha!  It's hard to lament the rain and cool weather when I know that many of you are wishing for it. I'll be back to read your posts in earnest and comment tomorrow - making dinner (and pouring wine!) beckon at the moment. Rumble rumble.

P.S. On the subject of rumbling tummies, since my fellow Here & Now bloggers often leave me feeling quite hungry :) I have added a little something sweet from my recent kitchen fun at the end of the post - you can find the recipe hereHappy Valentine's Day!

Curious to see more?  Let's stay in touch! You can follow along here at Green in Real Life (links on the sidebar) for my urban garden adventures with a sprinkle of everyday greener living, drop by Creativity Unmasked for my creative and crafty side, or head to the dogs at Dalmatian DIY for homemade treats, toys, and other pet posts. See you again soon! 


  1. Ooo they do look yummy! And so pretty too.
    I hope moving for you is a good thing. It's very unsettling moving all the time, isn't it? Particularly when you like to garden. I've never lived in one home for more than five years (this property will be my longest, but we are looking at moving again!).

    Best wishes with it all,
    Sarah x

    1. Thanks, Sarah! We're much the same, always on the move. I don't mind the unsettled bit so much, but it often feels like home is never truly "home", just a house to live in for the moment before the next. Looking forward to perhaps settling for a few years on this next move. :)

  2. Those Valentine treats look so lovely, the colours remind me of old-fashioned Neapolitan icecream. I expect they taste wonderful too. Meg:)

  3. You are so cool about moving... here in Slovenia moving is quite a big deal... We have a saying 3x moving is the same as once having a house burned down. But I like your approach much more... when we moved few years ago I finally organized all of craft stuff :o)
    Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Anja. What a neat expression! I do think I might feel that way as well if I was truly leaving "home", but moving so often over the years has desensitised me to it all. I'm hoping to have a little room or even just a nook for my crafting in the new house so I don't need to always pack it all up and away in between projects lest I leave the dining room looking like a crafty bomb exploded...hehe. Fingers crossed!

  4. My cat snores too, it can be quite distracting especially if it is quiet! There is nothing better than eating a ripe tomato from the veggie patch, so sweet. I moved every two years when I was in the military, part of the job and you do get used to it, but it never seems like "home", the upside is that you don't have a chance to accumulate too much clutter. Your Neapolitan Fudge looks yummy, something for me to try this weekend I think.

    1. That was always the upside when I was moving solo, but somehow my husband manages to be a masterful clutter collector all the same! Ha! Karma trying to counterbalance my neat freak nature! :)


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