Friday, July 8, 2016

Here & Now

It's time for the July Here & Now post as part of the new monthly link-up hosted by  Sarah of Say! Little Hen.   You can find this month's links in the July Here & Now at Say! Little Hen.  Here are some frosty photos of our chilly winter garden after this week's first frost.  I know that many of our readers are sweltering through the northern summer, so hopefully this give you a little bit of a virtual cool down.  I am currently:

Loving //  Warm winter woolies.
Eating //  Winter comfort food...and way too much of it! :)
Drinking //  Plenty of coffee and hot lemon, ginger, and honey.
Feeling //  Accomplished after finally getting a spell of dry weather and tackling the war of the weeds.
Making //  Reusable produce bags to go with my new fabric grocery bags. Details soon.
Thinking //  How surreal it sometimes feel to live somewhere where I can still grow fruit, veggies, and flowers in the dead of winter.
Dreaming // Of the return to longer days. I don't really mind the cool weather, but I do dislike starting my day in chilly darkness.

Since last month's Here & Now, we FINALLY got to try the mandarins and the first lemons are ready to be sampled as well.  Hooray for winter citrus!  I must also confess that although I am loving my warm winter woolies, I am still not yet knitting my own. Someday, perhaps. I have been busy sewing up a storm recently, which is keeping my crafting time very occupied. 

Curious to see more?  Let's stay in touch! You can follow along here at Green in Real Life (links on the sidebar) for my urban garden adventures with a sprinkle of everyday greener living, drop by Creativity Unmasked for my creative and crafty side, or head to the dogs at Dalmatian DIY for homemade treats, toys, and other pet posts. See you again soon!


  1. Finally got the garden bag emptied, so it's ready to refill. I have a garden that has recently had a large tree taken out, so fingers crossed, I will be able to have a trip to the garden centre to get some shrubs and grasses. Love the look of frosty leaves, hate what it does to some of the plants though.

    1. I'm the same about frost - so pretty but risky too. We're lucky enough (in our current garden) that we seem to have just the right amount of chill that we can grow some of the cooler climate plants but also keep some of the less hardy varieties alive (usually!). Good luck with the plantings - it is a great time of year here, especially if you are putting in dormant shrubs/trees.

  2. I've been drinking ginger tea with honey and lemon too. It's the perfect thing to warm me up on a cold day, and also it helps with a cold too.
    Thank-you for joining in again Laura! That frost looks so pretty!

    Sarah x

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I quite enjoy the monthly Here & Now catch-ups. :)

  3. I've been tackling weeds in my garden too, Laura. They seemed to grow at an extra fast rate while we were away on holiday! I love your frosty photos. Meg:)

    1. Thanks, Meg! I think the weeds know when we're not watching and make their move! ;)


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