Friday, June 5, 2015

Little Bits of Good

It seemed fitting that the inaugural post here at Green in Real Life be posted for World Environment Day (it is already Friday in our part of the world!). The 2015 theme of "Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care." has been bouncing around in my thoughts for the past few days. Seven billion. It boggles the mind, doesn't it?
Nature Quote - Do Your Little Bit of Good - Desmond Tutu

Instead of despairing that my family's efforts will be lost in a giant seven billion (and growing) people's worth of waste and consumption, I have decided to be an optimist! Little changes add up to big differences, so if even a fraction of the world's population were making small changes like us, wouldn't it be wonderful? I was delighted to see the same sentiment echoed on the World Environment Day website, with the encouragement that every action counts reinforced through a quote from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon "Although individual decisions may seem small in the face of global threats and trends, when billions of people join forces in common purpose, we can make a tremendous difference."  And so, we keep on with our small green(er) changes doing our little bits of good...

Nature Quote - Nature Compassion Beauty - Albert Einstein

What choices, changes, and resolution are you making towards greener living?  We'd love to hear from you and learn from your experiences and ideas. Share your successes (and speedbumps!) with us an our readers any time here in the comments or on our Facebook page.  If you have your own greener living blog or site, you're welcome to share a live link in the comments. It's simple - just use the following format as a guide: <a href="">text you want shown for your link</a>  

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