Monday, May 27, 2019

Family Footprints: Home Grocery Delivery vs. In Store Shopping

Last year, when we relocated to our new home and new town, I tried online grocery shopping for the first time. I have no issues with online shopping, but I'd always been leery of having someone else select my groceries. Would I be frustrated with near expiry products? Smallish per item cost goods? Sad wilted and dinged produce?  What will the packaging be like? Is it actually more efficient? With a chaotic houseful of boxes in the unknown territory of a new town, I took the plunge into grocery delivery and haven't looked back. 

Monday, May 13, 2019

Garden Life with Dogs - Understanding and Managing Pee Patches in the Lawn

Dog pee can burn the lawn to varying degrees depending on numerous factors, but a little knowledge, a few defensive measures, and a whole lot of patience (whether in training or with the watering can!) can go a long way towards reducing the dreaded pee patches in dog lovers lawns.  With our two large dogs, we're always fighting against the patch. Here's some of what we've learned and how we try and manage patching in the lawn.