Friday, October 13, 2017

Here & Now

It's time for our October Here & Now post as part of the monthly link-up hosted by Sarah of Say! Little Hen.  You can find all of this month's participants and their links in the October Here & Now at Say! Little Hen to explore what's happening in everyone's Here & Now - please join us if you wish!  I am currently:

Loving // The sound of happy dogs snoring behind me on their beds while I type this post.
Eating // Vegetarian chilli is on tonight's dinner menu.  Warm comfort food for yet another wet, windy, cold evening.
Drinking //  Lemon-lime and bitters at the moment - it's alcohol free though.  No day drinking whilst blogging. Hehehe.
Feeling // Exhausted but optimistic - Oli had his cataract surgery this week! See update below for details. 
Making // Pressed leaves and branches in my DIY wooden flower press for upcoming craft projects.
Thinking //  October! It's time (probably past time) for me to get started on my Christmas shopping. Where does the time go?
Dreaming // Of sunshine and warm weather.  Still!

Since we last caught up in the September Here & Now, there have been a lot more soggy spring walks and not much warm spring sunshine, unfortunately.  In much more positive news, our senior dog Oli had his cataract surgery! It's been a pretty tiring week of recovery - moreso that I had expected. He had no vision whatsoever after the surgery, so I've been balancing supporting Oli's recovery with trying to keep young Humphrey as tired as possible plus the usual goings on of the week. He has started to regain some vision - nowhere near functional yet, but we're optimistic for a full recovery. He was soooooo excited to (sort of) see again and I was so excited to see him excited. :)  Updates are being shared here.

I didn't get a chance to take any drool-worthy food photos this week so that I could share a few tempting treats for "Here & Hungry" but I do look forward to seeing what cooking/baking has made it into other participants' Here & Now posts this month,  even if it's likely to make my tummy rumble.  There are always a few delicious looking goodies amongst the posts, aren't there?  The Here & Now link-up can be rather dangerous for the waistline. Haha! Beware! On that note, I'm off to explore the October link-up.

Curious to see more?  Let's stay in touch! You can follow along here at Green in Real Life (links on the sidebar) for my urban garden adventures with a sprinkle of everyday greener living, drop by Creativity Unmasked for my creative and crafty side, or head to the dogs at Dalmatian DIY for homemade treats, toys, and other pet posts.  


  1. We have a dog that snores, Laura. Loudly too ... great snorting snuffles! I think your pressed leaves will be beautiful. Meg:)

    1. Haha! So loud indeed, but occasionally our cat out-snores them all. :) Oh my.

  2. Oli sounds very resilient, I hope he recovers well for you!
    Those leaves getting ready to press look so pretty!
    I hope you are having a good weekend,
    Thanks so much for joining in again,
    Sarah x

    1. So pretty, Sarah. I can't resist the press, even if I don't always know what I'll do with them afterwards. :)

      Oli is doing ok all things considered. He is healing well and his vision seems to be improving a little more each day. Slowly but surely. ❤️

  3. I suddenly thought that I need to do some Christmas shopping too, just over two months to go. Have fun with your flower press.

    1. I know! Where does the time go? Postage deadlines will be here before I know it. Eek!

  4. Oh how adorable writing with lovely dog snores. I have a lovely cat :) Beautiful leaves. Will you make a card or frame ?
    Have a lovely day
    Ezgi xxx

    1. :) I have plans for the cedar stems, but not for some of the other bits and pieces - they were just too pretty not to press a few!


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