Monday, September 18, 2017

The Bee Awareness Month Buzz - Bee-Friendly Garden Favourites

September is Bee Aware/Awareness Month, and despite the miserable soggy stormy start we've had to spring thus far, the garden is still generating quite a buzz.  To celebrate bees, here are some of our most popular bee-friendly gardening posts from the blog archives:

"BeeGinners" Bee-Friendly Garden Tips

Selecting Garden Plants for Bees

Bee-Friendly Health + Pest Control

Bee Safety Tips for Shared Spaces

Creating Bee-Friendly Environments

Gardens for Bees, Birds, and Butterflies

Looking for more inspiration? You can explore all of our bee-related posts here.  Want to catch the local Bee Awareness buzz? Fellow New Zealand garden-lovers and bee-fans can read all about Bee Aware month here and/or join in the NZ Gardener's annual national bee survey with The Great Kiwi Bee Count.  Buzzzzzz!

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