Monday, October 10, 2016

Here & Now

It's time for the October Here & Now post as part of the monthly link-up hosted by  Sarah of Say! Little Hen.  You can find this month's links in the October Here & Now at Say! Little Hen to explore what's happening in everyone's Here & Now - please join us if you wish!  I am currently:

Loving //  Blossoms blossoms everywhere!
Eating //  Fresh croissants with marmalade.
Drinking //  Coffee coffee coffee...
Feeling //  Intoxicated from the smell of blossoms and wet spring forest along our local walkways.
Making //  Christmas pressies...shhh...
Thinking //  Christmas will be here before we know it.  Time to tackle my shopping list!
Dreaming //  Of warm spring/summer sunshine.

Since last month's Here & Now, spring has well and truly arrived with all of the lovely fresh young leaves, flowers, bees, butterflies, birds, and other loveliness. I wish I could somehow share that blossom/forest smell with you all - it's soooo nice!  Being "the land of the long white cloud" over here in New Zealand, spring is quite wet and it's hard to get a dry day in the garden., but the days are getting warmer, longer, and (hopefully) soon sunnier.  

Curious to see more?  Let's stay in touch! You can follow along here at Green in Real Life (links on the sidebar) for my urban garden adventures with a sprinkle of everyday greener living, drop by Creativity Unmasked for my creative and crafty side, or head to the dogs at Dalmatian DIY for homemade treats, toys, and other pet posts. See you again soon! 


  1. Stunning blossoms, isn't it funny how so far all the photos we have put in these linked posts are of spring blooms.

    1. They're really quite irresistible this time of year, aren't they?

  2. Such pretty pink blossoms! How lovely! Meg:)

  3. Oh my goodness those blossoms are just too heavenly for words!! They put the few our peach tree produced to shame! How fun it must be to photograph them :-)
    I may have to remove the "eating" from the Here & Now list - people's answers always make me hungry and there is nothing I'd love more now than a croissant!

    Thank-you so much for joining in again Laura!
    Your posts are always a delight,
    Sarah x

    1. Thanks, Sarah. Sadly, these are no the blossoms of my wee young little fruit trees but the big mature tress in our neighbourhood (so amazing!). Someday perhaps our will be big and beautiful (and bountiful), but we'll likely be long since moved yet again. Oh well! As the old proverb goes, “society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

  4. That blossom is so beautiful! And you've done such a stunning job of capturing it. :)

    I've just had porridge for breakfast, so is it too late to go hunting for croissants?

    Kate xx

  5. All the pink and green is gorgeous!! We are heading into fall here,everything is turning brown and crunchy. I'm looking forward to cool weather and hopefully some snow.

    1. Such a pretty time of year...and the smell! Bliss! I do love autumn though, with its crisp days and beautiful colours. Enjoy!


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