Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Garden Journaling for Autumn (or Spring)


Happy first day of autumn to our southern readers! Whether heading into autumn today or spring later this month up north, the change in season is a perfect prompt to update (or start) your garden journal with growing notes, plant information, and seasonal to-dos.

Do you garden journal?  What methods have you tried?  I'm always looking for ways to streamline my workflow while still keeping track of things where needed.  I can be a bit lazy about keeping up-to-date, so the changing seasons (and all the tasks that come along with that in the garden) are a good time to make sure things are updated. I'm a pretty relaxed journal-keeper and prefer using using mine as a free-form binder of notes, info sheets and clippings, etc.  You can use software/apps or buy a ready-made garden journal, but I like to have a hardcopy home for notes, sketches, and somewhere to put little tidbits like packets, labels, garden calendars, and guides, supplemented with my mobile phone photos and perhaps a few handy apps (still experimenting with the latter). Using a binder means that I can supplement my notes pages with other pages and items with a simple holepunch or sleeve.  What to include in your journal depends on your preferences and aspirations for your garden. It can be as simple as some sketches and notes on what you are growing and where or as comprehensive as a full journal of your landscape plans, plantings, harvests, weather, pests, soil, and more along. Keep it fun and interesting, and you're more likely to keep it up in the long term.

If you don't have a journal already or need a refresh, you're welcome to use our free garden journal printable pages to create your own customised garden journal.  Since folks like to plan and journal to different degrees of detail, there are a wide variety of options and formats for you to mix and match at your pleasure and kept things flexible as many of our readers are in the opposite hemisphere. Get all the details and links for downloading here. Perfer a pre-fab journal instead? Check out the links below. Enjoy and happy autumn/spring!

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