Wednesday, February 10, 2016

DIY Gathered Fresh Flower Crowns and Floral Wreaths (Guest Post)

Crafting fresh from the garden - does it get any better? We recently shared a collaboration post via our partner blog Creativity Unmasked on how to make your own floral crown (or wreath). Why not make one for Valentine's Day? It's easier than you think!

Head to Creativity Unmasked for the full step-by-step details of how to make your own floral crown. The same basic techniques work with bought blooms if seasons/opportunity don't allow you to gather your own, and easily adapts to artificial or paper flowers as well.  In the post, we included some tips on keeping your crown fresh until wear/use as well as preserving it afterwards.  We're currently putting together a post on preserving flowers and we'll share that with you next week in case any of you get some beautiful blossoms on Sunday.  I'm hoping for some live plants instead that I can enjoy in the garden. :) Hint hint, honey!

PS: If you missed it, last month we shared a collaboration with Creativity Unmasked on making plantable recycled seed paper - a sweet way to make plantable Valentines, and a great craft to do with children.  There's still time left to make paper if you hurry!

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