Friday, September 25, 2015

This Week in the Garden: The Bee Buffet is Open!

We have had a non-stop parade of honey bees making a "bee-line" (hehe...) for our lavender plants this week, which pleases me to no end.  Although our new lavender plantings mentioned last week are popular, the older established lavender plants (my first planting last year in the new garden) are currently the most popular stop at the bee buffet, buzzing with activity every time I check in on our guests. We have a growing variety of lavender and other tasty treats for them in our bee-friendly garden.

The first of the direct planting seeds have begun to sprout in the garden and a little burst of warm sunny weather help things along quite nicely at this stage. We are still having a wet spring and my struggle with plant health is an ongoing battle.  How do you keep your green garden healthy?  I am experimenting with options, but could definitely use some helpful tips.  

What's happening in your garden this week?  We would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment or post us a message on the GiRL Facebook page I look forward to sharing our garden with you as it grows.  If you have your own greener living / garden blog or site, you're welcome to share a live link tin the comments. It's simple - just use the following format as a guide: <a href="">text you want shown for your link</a> 

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