Thursday, July 2, 2015

Monarchs in the Making!

I was returning from a photography outing yesterday when a flutter of movement caught my peripheral vision. I saw that the orange wings of a monarch butterfly, and paused for a second to appreciate it (I have been trying to be a bit more mindful and in the moment lately). It was then that I realised it was not one monarch but two!

Hmm.... What is the appropriate etiquette when you walk in on butterflies mating?  I was pretty sure that they couldn't care less abut my presence, and what an amazing sight to witness. I kept my distance, took my camera back out, and quietly snapped a few (very long zoom) shots of the their mating dance, silently cheering them on with encouragement for a new generation of monarchs in the making, before continuing on my walk. I smiled all the way home, despite getting caught in the rain. I hope that their ritual was successful and that momma monarch finds a safe place for her eggs. I know that the season is drawing closed and mating signals the end is nigh for both butterflies, but hopefully the future will flutter on the wings on the next generation. 

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