Friday, June 26, 2015

Live in Each Season

It is a grey, wet, and wintery day here, and I am finally sitting down to blog after a busy week of making hay while the sun shone...or more accurately raking leaves for the compost bin while the sun shone. One of the (many) wonderful things about having dogs is that I am out walking/running every day, no matter the season or the weather. It doesn't always seem so wonderful when I bundle up to head out the door, but a little exercise and fresh air usually vanquishes those feelings quickly enough. Having lived in several very different climates, I still marvel that, even though the frost crackles beneath my feet, this time of year winter-flowering trees burst into bloom. How lucky am I to have such winters. I must remember to take the time to enjoy the unique beauty in even this, the soggy season.

My quote image today (out of my archives) reminded me that its almost time to pick out our new fruit trees for the garden project. We are all very excited by the idea of incorporating edibles in our urban garden makeover. Fruit trees (and other winter dormant plants, like roses) are often winter planted here, and this is around the time when the new season's stock comes on the market. Exciting times ahead! Oh...and because I can't resist, here is an extra pic of the dogs enjoying nature, too. They never need to be prompted for a mindful existence - joy is their existence! It's a dog's life indeed.

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