Monday, November 12, 2018

Here & Now

It's time for our November Here & Now post as part of the monthly link-up hosted by Sarah of Say! Little Hen. You can find this month's participants and their links via this month's Here & Now hostess post. Come explore, or join in the link-up if you wish.  I am currently:

Monday, October 29, 2018

The Pitfalls and Perils of Gardening in Heavy Clay Soil

As shared in our return post following the move, our current garden is - unexpectedly and disappointingly - located in a pocket of heavy clay soil within an otherwise very fertile growing region. As we and our new neighbours all throughout the development are discovering, growing here will not be quite a simple or smooth as planned.  As the new garden develops we will be sharing our successes (hopefully) and failures (hopefully fewer) at establishing and maintaining a garden in our clay soil. The first casualty has been portions of our garden plan. Additional drainage has been added, plants have been changed, positions shifted, amendment strategies implemented, and hardscaping altered to try and create a more survivable and thrivable garden. I'll be sharing more detailed posts on different aspects as we progress, but first a mini-introduction to my sad new soil and common clay woes for fellow gardeners.